About Dr. Christina Robins M.D. St. Louis Bioidentical Hormones Doctor

Christina Robins M.D.
Christina Robins M.D.

Dr. Christina Robins was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She went to medical school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City six year medical program.

After medical school she returned to St. Louis for her Family Medicine residency at St. John’s Medical Center in Creve Coeur. She then worked the next seven years in the Creve Coeur area in urgent care and family medicine.

She recently opened up her own office in the 777 building with a vision to provide a medical office which integrates traditional medicine and natural medicine to help patients reach higher levels of wellness and vitality.

Dr. Robins has provided health care for Missourians since 2002. She is married with three young children. She knows how important, yet challenging it can be to place your family’s health first when leading such a busy lifestyle.

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