Christina Robins M.D. – St. Louis Bioidentical Hormones Specialist

St. Louis Bioidentical Hormones Specialist Dr. Christina Robins, M.D. a leader of wellness care in the St. Louis area. She will discuss the appropriate treatment with you and will then prescribe hormones if indicated on a gradient scale so the body can adjust itself naturally. Dr. Robins and her staff focus on the early detection and prevention of chronic and age related diseases.

We offer a variety of therapies including bio-identical hormone balancing and replacement, hormone pellet therapy, customized weight loss programs, advanced cardiovascular testing, nutritional analysis, supplement programs, and preventative care.

Services Offered by Dr. Christina Robins M.D.

  • Bio-identical hormone optimization (estrogen, testosterone, adrenal, thyroid, DHEA, insulin and growth hormone)
  • Hormone pellet therapy
  • Extensive blood and saliva evaluation of hormones
  • Anti-aging medicine
  • Genetic testing – saliva
  • Home sleep study evaluations
  • Bone density/ Body composition testing
  • Metabolic rate testing
  • Medical weight loss evaluation/ therapy
  • Advanced lipid /cardiometabolic testing
  • Nutritionist/ Health coach sessions
  • Ideal Protein weight loss system
  • Customized supplement programs
  • Family Medicine
  • Botox
  • Latisse

Bioidentical Hormone Success Story

“If you want a doctor that cares about you – really cares about you, then this is the one. Dr. Robbins always spends time to find out exactly what the problem is – and sometimes you may think one thing is the issue, but really it is something else. She knows how to get to the bottom of the problem. She doesn’t treat patients like we are stupid either. She is not afraid of insurance companies either! I am a self pay patient, so I am more critical of medical care because I have to pay 100% out of pocket for everything! With Dr. Robbins, I am never disappointed, and always feel like she really cares. If you need a second opinion or are just looking for a new doctor – she is the one. From a simple stuffed up nose all the way to female hormones, botox or really serious issues, she can handle it. Give her a try!”

Call St. Louis Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Christina Robins M.D. to schedule your consultation, discuss your symptoms and learn more about St. Louis Bioidentical Hormones.